Dr Tom and his ambo were the first cab off the rank for the Farmstrong rural wellbeing program, founded by Farmers' Mutual Group and the Mental Health Foundation.

Over three years, Tom delivered over 50 keynote talks and workshops for farmers nationwide on stress, wellbeing and thinking strategies.


“Dr Tom Mulholland was an important ambassador for Farmstrong when we launched in 2015.  Since then Tom's media profile and delivery of Healthy Thinking Workshops has been key in helping us achieve within our first 15 months 50% awareness of Farmstrong and its messages among NZ farmers and growers.   In 2017 as part of an independent evaluation of Farmstrong we found that a random sample of farmers who had participated in Farmstrong programmes (including Toms Healthy Thinking workshops) reported a 39% improvement over the last 12 months in their ability to cope with the ups and downs of farming."