• I must admit I was a little hesitant in hiring Dr Tom Mulholland as a locum in 2007 while working as Clinical director of the Adult Emergency Department at Auckland City Hospital. He came with a big reputation with his own TV and radio shows, wide
    and eclectic clinical experience including orthopaedic and general surgery training, and being a Clinical Director himself of an Urgent Care facility. My concern was would he would be too experienced and set in his ways.

    My fears were quickly alleviated. Tom rapidly integrated into the department as an enthusiastic, positive, and conscientious professional. He proved to be a real team player; adaptable and flexible to the needs of the department, great with patients and staff, keen not only to learn and listen, but also to share his clinical and emotional intelligence expertise to great effect. He soon became a valued member of staff and was employed full time when I left the department in 2013 to return to Scotland.

    Tom has become a close personal friend and he and his family have stayed with my family on a number of occasions in Scotland since. Tom also returned the favour by employing me as a locum to run his weekly radio show while he went to help out in Kaitaia hospital for 6 months.

    I would not hesitate to recommend Tom as an experienced and competent clinician for any team. He really is an excellent doctor whose judgement and acumen I trust completely, and he genuinely cares deeply about his patients and colleagues alike. He is calm under pressure, makes sound clinical decisions, seeks help when appropriate, and has a seriously positive and relentlessly good-natured attitude to both his work and life in general.

    Tom remains working in Auckland ED on a casual basis (due to his other initiatives) in 2020, some 13 years after I first employed him which is testimony itself to his value.

    Emergency Medicine Specialist, Pre-Hospital and Retrieval Specialist - Associate Medical Director Scottish Ambulance Service
  • Tom is one of those special people who is truly selfless and is always there to help anyone in need and this is born out by the many occasions he has been prepared to drop everything to use his medical skills to assist in times of crisis, the Boxing Day Tsunami being a classical example.

    Sir Ralph Norris
  • Doctor Tom Mulholland (Dr Tom) provided a presentation as part of his HOPP tour (Healthy Oceans People and Ports) at the Tasman Bay Cruising Club on Monday 28 January 2019. The presentation was open to the public, but many of those that attended were Tasman Bay Cruising Club members. The Tasman Bay Cruising Club has a significant number of speakers deliver presentations to its members, and as a long serving Club member, and also in my position as a practising health professional, I have been exposed to a large number of presenters and subjects over time.

    Dr Tom ranks among the very best speakers I have ever encountered. His ability to present what is a serious subject in an engaging and very entertaining manner was exceptional. Dr Tom's lively, humorous and confident delivery quickly developed a strong rapport with the diverse group attending the presentation. His obvious depth of knowledge in his field of medicine and amazingly broad life experiences and adventures are reflected in the presentation. Dr Tom's delivery is polished and combines his stories, advice and life coaching in tandem with a slick audio-visual presentation. His accounts of other speaking tours, especially in rural NZ and the Pacific Islands and Asia, and the creation of his mobile app “KYND wellness” had all those present participating and fully engrossed. In just one hour, attendees gained a fresh perspective on major issues that are in our society, through mental health, general health and wellbeing. Most attendees also gained a huge appreciation for the brilliant work that Dr Tom is accomplishing, and are grateful for his dedication to his very valuable cause.

    In summary, Dr Tom is worthy of the highest recommendation as a speaker to a very wide range of audiences. He delivers important and potentially life-saving information and advice in an inspiring and entertaining manner.

    Missy Hearfield
    Vice Commodore - Tasman Bay Cruising Club Inc
  • Dr Tom has played a critical role in educating our business about our employees' health risks, and also helping us to support the rural community in knowing theirs. Through the KYND App, the measurement and management of key health risks that can impact on our well-being is now possible. Our engagement with Dr Tom over the last 3 years has had a huge return on investment for many of our employees (and friends or family members) whom without his intervention may not be around. Dr Tom’s tenacity towards his mission and strength of storytelling engages his audience and prompts them to action. It has been great to have been part of Dr Tom’s missions. With his support he has taught us how to ‘walk the talk’ in this space and take action to ensure our health risks are being managed.

    Anthony Butcher
    Group Safety, Well-being & Environment Manager - PGG Wrightson Limited
  • Dr Tom Mulholland was an important ambassador for Farmstrong when we launched in 2015. Since then, Tom's media profile and delivery of Healthy Thinking Workshops has been key in helping us achieve within our first 15 months 50% awareness of Farmstrong and its messages among NZ farmers and growers.

    During the last 3 years Tom has delivered over 50 keynote talks and workshops for farmers nationwide on stress, wellbeing and thinking strategies. He has also toured the country with a Farmstrong sponsored ambulance.

    He has been a pleasure to deal with and has delivered all tasks and responsibilities to a high standard and on time.

    In 2017 as part of an independent evaluation of Farmstrong we found that a random sample of farmers who had participated in Farmstrong programmes (including Toms Healthy Thinking workshops) reported a 39% improvement over the last 12 months in their ability to cope with the ups and downs of farming. The following is typical of the feedback we have received from farmers specific to Toms workshops

    “Now I use the Healthy Thinking tools in my day-to-day farming activities. It helps me deal with things and move on to the next challenge”

    “After doing the workshop, I came back and passed on the tools to the guys who work here. It gives you the knowledge to talk about these things in a roadside conversation”

    “Excellent concept. It has made a huge impact on our family life. Have had a renewed enthusiasm in farming since completing the Farmstrong Healthy Thinking workshop”

    "You have better relationships with the people you work with, and you find you are actually listening to them rather than barking at them".

    Tom is an excellent communicator, sharing important knowledge and skills in an engaging and entertaining way. He connects well with a broad audience. He is particularly skilled at engaging males who are learning about these things for the first time.

    During this time, Tom has also become a good personal friend. The mission that he is on has been a perfect partnership for Farmstrong. I know he will continue to make a difference nationally with support from other like-minded initiatives and organisations.

    I am very happy to recommend Tom as an ambassador and wellbeing expert to deliver such programs in NZ and overseas.

    Gerard Vaughan
    Project Lead - Farmstrong
  • It's difficult to sum up the impact Dr Tom has had, currently and will have in the future however it's unique, real and relatable in what is a complicated and sometimes verbally noisy world! He's saved lives, lots of them and continues to do this in or out of his "Scrubs". He's passionate, shares the real stories about people, including himself. They're funny, sad, real (there's that word again) and no b...s... And that's why so many people relate to him, listen to him and take on what he shares. It doesn't matter if he's speaking to a group of CEO's, Tradies, forestry workers or the person in the Emergency Department; they're people to Dr Tom who need help, kindness and someone they trust. I've had the absolute privilege to hear him speak on many occasions and each time I walk away with old gems (reinforced messaging) and new gems.

    Jules Benton
    CEO - Dairy Women’s Network
  • Dr Tom Mulholland is on a mission and it’s one the team at Yachting New Zealand
    wholeheartedly supports.

    New Zealand’s leading wellbeing expert will tour the country on his HOPP tour (healthy oceans, people and ports) to measure and manage the wellbeing of people involved in the maritime industry and sailing and boating communities. Dr Tom and his team will
    circumnavigate New Zealand in their retro Chevy ambulance supported by his 12m catamaran Cool Change, stopping off at 16 destinations around the country.

    I have known Dr Tom for a number of years from when I was physio for the All Blacks and he was team doctor for Fiji Rugby. He’s a terrific speaker, with many adventurous yarns to tell of tidal waves, polar bears, penguins and exploration on ships, and his messages on health
    and wellbeing are poignant. He recently presented to the staff at Yachting New Zealand, which was very well received.

    Dr Tom has developed a KYND app, which measures wellbeing, and has kindly donated it to New Zealand’s maritime community as part of the HOPP tour. I certainly commend him for what he’s doing to help make Kiwis happier and healthier.

    We’re proud to support Dr Tom on his latest mission and encourage you to support his team on and off the water. Get along to one of his free talks at a boating club near you.

    Bring your friends and family because you won’t be disappointed. It might just save your life.

    David Abercrombie
    Chief Executive - Yachting New Zealand
  • Tom is an excellent communicator sharing important knowledge and skills in an engaging and entertaining way. He connects well with a broad audience. He is particularly skilled at engaging males who are learning about these things for the first time.

    Gerard Vaughan
  • I have known Dr Tom Mulholland for 10 years, first meeting him, when he spoke as a motivational speaker at an Air New Zealand staff conference, he immediately impressed with his refreshing style, his obvious intellect and his ability to engage with the audience.

    Subsequently, Tom did similar work for me in my role as CEO of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, using material drawn from his motivational books on attitude.

    Over the years our relationship has transitioned to one of friendship and Tom has become a good friend and confidante to not only myself but also my family.

    Tom is one of those special people who is truly selfless and is always there to help anyone in need, and this is borne out by the many occasions he has been prepared to drop everything to use is medical skills to assist in times of crisis, the Boxing Day Tsunami being a classical example.

    Tom is, as I have already mentioned, intelligent, however what makes him really special is his drive, determination and enthusiasm to make a difference.

    I have no doubt that Tom is capable of delivering on any project or activity he sets his mind to.

    I'm delighted to write this letter endorsing him as I see it as a token of my appreciation for a man who has given so much to so many without the thought of personal gain.

    Sir Ralph Norris KNZM
  • Dr Tom Mulholland is one of those rare people who make a massive real positive difference wherever he goes. As the world continues to change at an ever increasing rate improving the motivation, health and attitudes of New Zealanders is becoming ever more important, and ‘Dr Tom on a Mission’ is a very exciting initiative to do this.

    Dr Sam Hazledine