Sea Aid

For the past 28 years Dr Tom Mulholland has been providing medical aid in Indonesia and the Pacific. He provided relief work in the boxing day tsunami for which he received the New Zealand Defence Force Special Services medal. He has been the doctor for the Fijian rugby team and helped in stopping smoking in local villages. With fellow doctors on a trip he organised, he also helped save a young boy's life on the Island of Gam in remote Indonesia called Thomas.

Sea Aid will do two expeditions in 2022, one to Indonesia to see Thomas who is doing well and help in villages in Raja Ampat (October), and one to the remote Lau Island of Vanua Balavu in Fiji in June. Sea Aid will be looking to continue the work Dr Tom has done in his Ambulance using COBAS machines, for the early detection of Type 2 Diabetes and cardiovascular risk factors.

One in three Fijians are reported to have Type 2 Diabetes, but often when it is diagnosed it is too late to avoid complications. 

Sea Aids ultimate goal is to have its own dedicated marine vessel to be the ambulance at the top of the reef in the Pacific and Indonesia.

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Dr Tom was awarded a New Zealand Defence Force Special Services Medal for his work in the Boxing Day Tsunami

Watch how Dr Tom and Professor Marc went the island of Nias in Indonesia to provide medical aid near the epicentre of the Boxing Day Tsunami which killed ove...

Dr Tom has also been caring for coastal communities such as Whangamata and Whangaroa in New Zealand, by being a rural GP during the COVID Pandemic.

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