What we've achieved

  • Tested over 10,000 people nationwide and helped them improve their physical mental and social health
  • A two-year contract with the Ministry of Health testing 1000 people. VIEW EVALUATION REPORT
  • Diagnosed New Zealanders with conditions they didn't know they had (such as pre-diabetes and hypertension) allowing them to make changes to improve their life
  • 8 years on the road in our ambo and Hyundai Santa Fe delivering over 200 workshops on stress and resilience for Farmers and Forestry workers
  • Presented over 2,000 keynote talks, workshops and webinars
  • Improved mental health and prevented suicides
  • Written two internationally best-selling books and founded the Healthy Thinking Institute
  • Created an App to track and monitor individual’s physical, mental and social health. KYND Know Your Numbers Dashboard and created jobs
  • Had our own radio and TV shows, featured in documentaries and written weekly wellbeing columns for the Sunday star times
  • Circumnavigated NZ in his own boat doing clinics and talks in Stewart Island, Milford Sound and Durville island with his boat and ambulance, The HOPP tour (Healthy Oceans People and Porst) 
  • Ran expeditions and helped saved lives in places like Indonesia and Fiji and introduced people to Polar Bears, Penguins, Walrus and Whale sharks to improve their wellbeing 
  • Consulted with many Fortune 500 companies finding solutions for their challenges 
  • Dr Tom has played a critical role in educating our business about our employees' health risks, and also helping us to support the rural community in knowing theirs. Through the KYND App, the measurement and management of key health risks that can impact on our well-being is now possible. Our engagement with Dr Tom over the last 3 years has had a huge return on investment for many of our employees (and friends or family members) whom without his intervention may not be around. Dr Tom’s tenacity towards his mission and strength of storytelling engages his audience and prompts them to action. It has been great to have been part of Dr Tom’s missions. With his support, he has taught us how to ‘walk the talk’ in this space and take action to ensure our health risks are being managed.

    Anthony Butcher
    Group Safety, Well-being & Environment Manager - PGG Wrightson Limited