The HOPP Tour

HOPP (Healthy Ocean People and Ports). Dr Tom sailed around New Zealand in his 40 foot Catamaran, following the wake of his retro chevy ambulance on land.

milford boat

Dr Tom and the team spent the next two years, travelling the country to do free community talks about wellbeing, setting up testing sites and completing workshops to improve the overall health of New Zealanders.

There were three aspects to the HOPP Tour. They were community talks, testing and workshops.


Community talks

In each location, Dr Tom completed a free community talk. These talks have been performed to the likes of Google, Microsoft and TedX. Dr Tom’s presentations are based on 25+ years experience working in NZ emergency departments, with personal stories of adventure, hardship and humour weaved throughout the talk. They are a great way to learn about the importance of health and wellbeing, with engaging and easily digestible medical stories and recommendations.

“Tom has got a great message which he presents in a humorous way. How do we change things? By changing our attitudes. He provides great examples of what and how.” Sir Ralph Norris, CEO, Commonwealth Bank of Australia.


With many missions and projects on the go, Dr Tom’s schedule is almost always booked years in advance. The HOPP tour provided a unique opportunity for local businesses in New Zealand to lock Dr Tom in for a workshop for their employees. The workshops spanned from half a day to a full day, and provided great value to an organisation.

Dr Tom began with a presentation and provided employees with the tools to measure and manage their health and wellbeing. Dr Tom covered the material in his internationally best-selling books, Healthy Thinking. This empowers individuals to manage their emotions and make the most out of life.

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